One Year Old Session

Lovely session at Ewell Court Park with this gorgeous little boy who did not stop moving!   I think he only kept still when an aeroplane went over, and his mum lifted him into a tree to try and keep him still – great exercise for me though chasing him round the park, who needs the gym when you can photograph toddlers!


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Pet Photography

I really am enjoying photographing dogs, and here are another couple I had the pleasure of photographing during September.  A gorgeous 8 year old golden retriever, who loves nothing more than a treat, so he was relatively easy to keep still!  He also loves to roll, but fortunately only in grass and nothing else, unlike our Cocker Spaniel who loves to roll in other things!!

Winnie the lovely boxer is 10 years old and as I photographed her on the hottest day of the year, she didn’t want to move around too much, although I think we were all in need of some shade that day!  Who could believe it would be so hot in the middle of September, not that I’m complaining!


2016-10-03_0013                2016-10-03_0012

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Cousins Photo Session

Lovely session with five children and two dogs!  It’s always quite a challenge getting children from the ages of 1 – 13 to sit together for a photograph, without including a couple of dogs!  This session ended up being very rushed towards the end, as the younger two children arrived 5 minutes before the group pictures were taken.  This actually worked really well, as you could see the older children were so pleased to see their cousins, so we had to be very quick before the novelty wore off, as well as the fact rain was forecast for 4.00 pm and it arrived at 4.00 pm!  10 minutes later and we were all running for cover and the session was over!!


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Family Session

Another lovely family session in the sunshine, with a very cute and cheeky little 1 year old.  He loved the bubbles and he is actually screaming with delight in the central image, although it looks like he could be crying!2016-10-03_0003

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Toddler Session Ewell

This little toddler was great fun to photograph as she was quite a challenge, and really didn’t want to be photographed!   She had a little 8 day old baby sister, who I was really supposed to be taking pictures of, however, this little one definitely stole the limelight!  We did manage to get a couple of photographs of her with her sister, but it was a matter of seconds before she ran away again, so I had to be very quick!!



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Baby Session Horton Park

I love photographing babies just before they start to walk, usually just under a year old.  They have so many different expressions, and are happy to sit still for a while, and the great thing is they can’t run away!!  The parents of this gorgeous little boy, thought I was only going to be photographing him, little did they know!  I think it is so important for parents to be included in the photo session, even if they don’t want to be!


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Family Session at Ewell Court

Another lovely family session, this time at Ewell Court.  The children had great fun exploring the woods and playing in the streams.


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Lovely Family Session in the Bluebell Woods

When I woke up on the morning of this family session, the weather was terrible, with heavy rain forecast for most of the day!  However, after speaking to the family, we decided to take a chance and go ahead anyway.  I’m so pleased we did – the rain eased off as we arrived at the woods, and gave us about 45 minutes to take some photographs.  The last few photographs were taken in very heavy rain, however, the girls were brilliant and didn’t complain!


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Bluebell Woods

The bluebells have arrived very early this year, taking us all by surprise!   Here are a few photos from a session with the gorgeous little Isla, who had just turned one.  She hadn’t quite learnt to walk when these were taken, and luckily didn’t seem to want to crawl in the leaves too much!!  It would have been nice to see the sun, but at least it was dry!


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Family Session Polesden Lacey

A lovely family session on a very warm spring day!   When we arrived this little one’s mum thought he was going to be very grumpy as he was full of cold, but it turned out that he loved being in front of the camera and was more than happy to pose, or perhaps it was just the Calpol had kicked in!


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