A challenge for 2017!

I decided this year that I was going to set myself a photographic challenge, which had nothing to do with babies, children or families!  Of course I love taking photographs of them all, but prior to running my own business I also really enjoyed landscape photography and macro photography, which I rarely get any time for now.  I knew whatever I decided on had to be something that would fit easily into my already hectic life!

As we have a mad Cocker Spaniel who has no end of energy, and needs walking twice a day, I thought  I would take photographs that had to include the sky and trees, and would take them every day for a year – didn’t matter where I was, or what time of the day, but I had to produce one every day, even if I wasn’t happy with it!  This is actually a lot harder than you think, especially when you have a grey, dull and miserable day, but it has really got me thinking and I’ve been quite surprised at how many different images I managed to take during January.  Some of them are not great, some I love, but I’m not trying to achieve professional looking images every day, just something different.

The other requirement of the challenge was to take them all on my mobile phone – I have a Sony Xperia, which fortunately does have a really good camera.  However, I still find it quite difficult just relying on this and have taken my little compact with me on a few occasions as well!  All the photographs below were taken on my mobile.

One thing I hadn’t taken into account when I set myself this challenge is that I may be ill, and unable to get out anywhere, so there are a couple of very boring ones taken in our garden during January, as I was unwell for a couple of days!

jan-week-1 jan-week-2 jan-week-3 jan-week-4

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