Something a little bit different!

During the Autumn last year, I photographed three lovely children.   Their mum told me that her eldest child Alex who was 7 always pulled faces at the camera and they had never managed to get a decent photograph of him looking natural.  This was of course a great challenge to me, and I wasn’t go to leave until I had achieved some natural looks for her!   When I photograph children I chat to them all the time, asking about school, friends, what they like to watch on TV etc., this tends to help them forget they are having their photographs taken, however, this doesn’t always work!  Alex’s mum told me he loved snails, so luckily as there had been a lot of rain, we found him a snail to play with – once his attention was on the snail, I managed to get some great natural shots of him!  The first image with his brother shows the false grin, the second are the pictures taken with him and his snail!



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