Reynolds Family Photoshoot

During the summer I met a lovely mum and her boys and took lots of photographs of them playing  in their garden.  It was a beautiful sunny day, which is great for taking photographs, however as I don’t use flash it can cause harsh shadows, so when photographing in the sun, I always try and find shady spots, or something with top shade (tree, porch etc.) – this also stops children squinting as it’s too bright!   Every family I photograph are so different, which is why I love my job as you never quite know what images you are going to be able to create.   This mum was very artistic and suggested taking a chair from her front room into the garden, which I thought was a great idea as it blended really well into the environment – I’m not sure how she managed to carry it though, as it was extremely heavy!!    Below are a few of the photographs I took.


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